Наполни свою жизнь новыми красками и впечатлениями! Встречайся с новыми людьми, общайся, флиртуй, влюбляйся!Лучше быть счастливыми, чем гордыми. Пишите, звоните, говорите в глаза.Мне так повезло, судьба подарила мне - тебя...Если люди созданы друг для друга, они обязательно будут вместе.Каждый подарок, даже самый маленький, становится великим даром, если вручаешь его с любовью

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Виталий, 33
Москва, Московская область, Россия
Санат, 25
Алматы (Алма-Ата), Алматинская область, Казахстан
Bobbi, 25. Greeneville, Теннесси, США
Знакомство с Bobbi . Найти партнера в Greeneville Соединённые Штаты Америки
Ник: atomicaiden
Пол: Женщина
Возраст: 25
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Ищу: Мужчину
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Имя: BobbiИндекс (только США): 37643
Страна: Соединённые Штаты Америки Регион: Теннесси Город: Greeneville
Владение языками: Английский

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Я ищу: Мужчину в возрасте: 18 - 31 лет
Цель знакомства: Дружба и общение, Любовь и романтические отношения, Брак и создание семьи, Деловые отношения

О себе:
I'm me I am a very loving person I've learned from my mistakes trust me I've made a lot I've had tattoos well still have those I've had tons of piercings still have some of those to my nose, bridge piercing, industrial piercing and five on each ear I have been a very depressed person for a long time I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia, and Severe Anxiety Disorder don't know what they are well just go to Google.com and look it up it would take for ever to explain and just take up both of our time anyway time goes by and I try to get better and live life no I'm not crazy get that outta your head I guess you could call me a broken spirit right now but life is not over one day at a time I'm starting school at Northeast State University I'm studying to be a Web designer / Photographer I love art it's my escape from the world it's my little world where I can create my dreams and they can come alive on paper or almost anything from pencil to paint to thread I've probably tried it art is the love of my life with out it I would probably be still trying to find some way to escape the world some how in my own little way I'm impulsive I wanna feel good and usually it makes me more unhappy in the end cause it crashes down on me in the end I hate that but I seem to do it a lot I laugh at myself a lot I have low self-esteem a lot of the time I seem to be okay for three or so months then I crash I'm a very delicate person the littlest thing can break me right now I scare myself the deeper in life I get in life and I hate it that I can't seem to get stable life would be so much better if I could I have a lot of work to do on myself to make a life for myself and a future cause to be honest right now I see nothing for me but I'm just in a fog sooner or life it will clear and I'll be so much better emotionally so I can get better mentally and be happy and have a life and be with my family more than I see them now I guess right now I feel like I don't see them enough I'm jealous I guess because they get to live together and I can be part of that house hold my biggest dear is to be back with my family that would make me more happier than ever but thats far away and lots of work we're talking year like two to three seems so far but I know it's not if I can put myself together and work cause right now I feel like nothing is going to get me anywhere but I know if I got my lazy butt up I would get somewhere which I feel like I'm starting to wake up from this nightmare I'm in right now this mess I live here in Greeneville Tennessee in a group home which I hate I'm the only young one here everyone else is like 35 or older so yeah I'm surrounded by old people which I hate I wanna be with people my age and actually have friends because I don't have many right now another dear I have is to drive so I can go where I wanna go do what I wanna do I'm a adult and I'm treated like a child here like I know nothing at all which is not true I know more than you think I do I graduated High School early I'm giving College another try this time I wanna try this is a step I must take to make a life and get outta here this hell hole this hell I'm eighteen soon to be nineteen here in July when your mentally ill many think your crazy but it's far from that treated like a animal like your dangerous you'll kill your a bomb but shit like this is what makes my bomb go off people drive me crazy as well as my mind and how it works I need to change that but it's harder than you think I do it for like a month then I start to fall apart I think my father for this curse I truly think my father drove me crazy till I got sick and well some of this he gave to me I truly believe at times I feel like I'm six feet under and no one can here me as I scream in my grave I'm crying for help but I seem to not take all of it but bits and pieces which makes the fog because I can't make sense of nothing but unlike most mentally ill I have support because a lot of people mentally ill there family leaves them behind keeps there distance but I'm luck I have what I have and I'm going to take that and hold it close to my heart and work and get better so my dreams can come true.........till next time Aiden Leigh PEACE XOXOX

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Страна: Соединённые Штаты Америки
Владение языками: Английский