Fulfill your life with new colors and impressions! Meet new people, communicate, flirt, and fall in love!Better to be happy than to be proud. Write and call each other, talk face to face. I got so lucky that the fate gave you to me...If people were made for each other they will be together no matter what.Each gift, even the smallest one, becomes a great present if you give it with love

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howard, 62
Arnold, Missouri, United States
Ryan, 32
Mokena, Illinois, United States
Brandon Hanson, 28. Onalaska, Wisconsin, United States
Dating with Brandon Hanson . Meet singles in Onalaska United States
Nick: Vert0130
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Sign of the Zodiac:  Aquarius
I'm looking for: Woman
Orientation: Heterosexual
Body Type: Athletic
Nationality: Norwegian
Yearly Income: $10,000 - $20,000
Religion: Other
Children: No children
Status: Offline
Group: Free Users   
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Name: Brandon HansonZip code (USA only): 54650
Country: United States Region: Wisconsin City: Onalaska
Language(s): American
Profession: Retail Work Place/Company name: Companies
Weight: 78kg (171.96 Lbs) 
Height: 182cm (5.97 ft) 
Body Type: Athletic Hair color: Dark brown
Eyes color: Walnut Hair length: Long
Nationality: Norwegian Political views: Socialist
Ethnic origin: White / Caucasian Religion: Other
Education: Secondary education Yearly Income: $10,000 - $20,000
Marital Status: Single
Attitude towards smoking: No
Children: No children
Attitude towards drinking: Social drinker
Accommodation: No permanent accommodationImportant in others: Kindness and honesty
My auto: Chevrolet Captiva Personal priority: Family and children
Material support: It does not matter

Want to meet:
I'm looking for: Woman At the age of: 18 - 112 years
Purpose of Meeting: Friendship and communication, Love and Romance

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Views per month: 1
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orientation Orientation: Heterosexual
I get aroused with:
  • Smell, Tattoo or Piercing, Dark Skin, Clothes, Jeans, Underwear, Stockings, Rubber, latex, Leather, Metal, Uniform, Shoes, Hairiness, Pain, Wearing woman clothes, Dominance or obedience, Motion limitation or Tying.
  • If you can get me turned on like any other guy. Be ready.
    Have you had heterosexual experience?: Yes, just sex
    Have you had homosexual experience?: No
    How often would like to have sex:  
    As long as we're both in the mood, anytime of the day or night. I'll be ready.
    Your sex role: Active only
    Penis size: 6-7 inch (17-19 cm)
    In sex I like:
    To be able to be there with the other and give her what she wants. I love to get things going but only when she'll be ready. I'm not one to go out and rape, but be ready to be there for her.
    Your education, college:
    High School graduate. I haven't had many options to continue due to "personal opinions."
    Do you have pets?
    None at the moment, but we'll see.
    What is the utmost happiness for you?
    Anything that can bring out a good time, simple laughs, and getting away from all the mainstream stress we all go through. Such as getting away from where we live or seeing the most scenic things the world has to offer.
    What's your favorite city in the world?
    Way to any to list in how many places I've traveled and in the future to travel to.
    Who's your favorite painter?
    Anyone who has artistic abilities.
    What are your favorite games?
    Anything old school and growing up playing as a child.
    How long can you manage without communication?
    It varies, mostly depends on the situation between one and another. Whether simple, or hard to handle.
    What's your favorite music artist/DJ/band?
    I listen to almost anything s it's hard to decide.

    Do you want kids?
    It mostly depends on trust with the other person I see. With how things are changing in today's society. All I can say is only time will tell.
    The most striking discovery for you:
    Finding the right partner and a real friend. I'm not overly hard for choices.

    Your favorite movie:
    I usually make allot of media on my own with friends. But anything mostly before the 2000's are my choice. Classics for the win!
    The most important advice you've ever recieved:
    Me an my Dad usually give each other allot back and forth. Whether through acronyms or sayings at the right place and the right time.
    The strongest impression of being abroad:
    Usually a kind heart and great ambition.
    What does romance mean for you? Is it important?
    Always important. To me it's being able to know you're with the one who can take you away from all your worries and always ready to come back and be with them. But overall, if it means cuddling and other close connections, I couldn't agree any better.
    What was the last book you read? What are you reading now?
    1.) Usually articles out of Magazines and Newspapers. 2.) Not to get to religious, and I don't take it to serious on anyone else who believes it or not. I let to each of there own in choices. But this is for myself, but the Bible through Apostle Paul. Now for King James version of the Bible.
    What quality do you think highly of?
    People who are dedicated with great ambition and always down for the simple things in life.

    Your hobby?
    I have a variety and will be glad to tell you so much more when we meet in person.
    What kind of mistakes do you consider to be worth mercy the most?
    Anything we've all been through whether in a relationship or outside of one. But it's human nature and as long as we can forgive one and another, it will be good enough to forget.
    Which famous person would you like to be?
    I usually go my own way with my identity to work for what I'm after. Whether in what I Love to do or where I work.

    Your favorite literary characters:
    None at the moment.
    What kind of people you don't like:
    Slackers, people who use you for money, people who pretend to not know you when being around others, and so on.
    The most recent achievement:
    Usually it comes from my work in the awards I receive or contests I enter in what I do in my free time.
    Your main disposition:
    Making sure happiness can continue with out needing to go over board or changing direction.
    The most recent fail/loss:
    IF anything, it's lack of sleep. It's hard for me to settle down when I do so much to get so little sleep.
    What do you rate highly about your friends?
    As long as we stay connected together, it's a 10 out of 10. Keeping friends no matter how old you get is something I never want to lose just like being with all of my family members.
    What is your current goal?
    To be there for someone in a time of need. Continue to do what I do in my free time. As well as continue to move up in opportunity in where I work.
    Your main shortcoming:
    Usually if anything it's not being able to complete a task in a short amount of time. Whether on the job or with people out side of work.
    Your attitude towards religion:
    As long as it's not getting at each other to hard on our beliefs. But to agree on each other, I'm good to go with it. You can be anything as long as respect comes between the two of us.
    What is the greatest misfortune for you?
    When you live optimistic it can get out of hand.

    Your dream job:
    I'm not overly to high on standards. I' just one of those people to be blessed to have a job and see where it takes m e from there with how hard the economy has hit all of us. Whether from the past going into the future.
    How do you want to see yourself?
    Some one who can continue to work hard and be dedicated to those who mean everything to me.
    Where do you want to live?
    Anywhere that can make it the place to live. Anywhere with great people and allot of amazing scenery.
    Your favorite authors:
    It can be anyone, as long as it has things that relate to what I live or what I'm working for, it's all good for any choice.
    Who was your first love?
    We've all had a High School crush, but to me I newver really got to be with anyone yet in my life because I have waited for one to bring e smiles and make it worth the wait after all these years of living.

    How do you usually meet somebody?
    When we run into each other where we work, out at a place with many social gatherings, or hopefully on here.
    If you had plenty of time what would you do?
    To be there for you, but if anything else it's doing what I love.
    What quality you rate the highest about man?
    Well since I'm one all I can say is how we all treat others with kindness and respect.

    There is nothing worse for you than:
    Some one who can be a terrible way of no communication.
    What quality you rate the highest about woman?
    If she has a heart, kindness, and knowing she's there for me. My life is complete.
    In one word - how do people see you?

    Do you arouse watching pornography?
    If you wish to know, feel free to ask me.
    What you don't like the most about homosexual people?
    I do not have a problem with anyone's orientation. But if anything, it's getting affectionate right next to me when I wish not to see it.
    What do you hate the most?
    People who cannot accept another person due to discrimination of who they are. Whether orientation, gender, disabilities, and so on.
    Your favorite dish?
    IF this involves food I a such a kid on this. Tacos, pizza, and so on.

    How would you want to die?
    When "it's time." Meaning my body cannot live anymore due to aging.
    Your favorite historic chracter:
    Not to sound to political. But I would have to say John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, the founding fathers. People who have made accomplishments to show cures for illnesses, what the world is, or what outer space has to showcase.

    Your current state of mind:
    To hard to decide, but if anything it's being there with someone who makes me smile and takes away all the stress.
    Your favorite place in the city where you go often:
    Mostly does with what I do athletically, being productive, or meeting up with family, or friends.
    Your motto:
    Though the truth cannot be fixed, it's another chapter we've accomplished. -Brandon Hanson.
    What would you want to change in your country:
    We all have so many things to list that cannot fit in this. We'll for sure talk about it when we see each other face to face.
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    Height: 130cm (4.26 ft) - 185cm (6.07 ft)
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