Наполни свою жизнь новыми красками и впечатлениями! Встречайся с новыми людьми, общайся, флиртуй, влюбляйся!Лучше быть счастливыми, чем гордыми. Пишите, звоните, говорите в глаза.Мне так повезло, судьба подарила мне - тебя...Если люди созданы друг для друга, они обязательно будут вместе.Каждый подарок, даже самый маленький, становится великим даром, если вручаешь его с любовью

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Алла, 47
Дятлово, Гродненская область, Беларусь
Алексей, 50
Нижний Новгород, Нижегородская область, Россия
John, 43. San Francisco, Калифорния, США
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Ник: JohnnyCombat
Пол: Мужчина
Возраст: 43
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Ищу: Женщину
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Имя: JohnИндекс (только США): 94132
Страна: Соединённые Штаты Америки Регион: Калифорния Город: San Francisco
Владение языками: Английский

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Я ищу: Женщину в возрасте: 21 - 47 лет
Цель знакомства: Дружба и общение, Любовь и романтические отношения, Регулярный секс вдвоем, Занятие спортом, Деловые отношения, Партнер для путешествий

О себе:
Hi, my name is William. Basically I am here as you to find someone to share some time with and possibly more. The best I can say about my search would be that I am looking to find someone who has interests similar to mine and who likes to be treated the same way they treat others. That person has to Love Life and be a fun outgoing person that isn't afraid of speaking their mind and believing in themselves. That being said I don't want to offer the wrong impression of myself or whom it is I am looking for in another person. Simply because I feel that the right person could be directly in front of me and I may not even know it. Although I believe in the old saying regarding first impressions, I also feel that first impressions are not always a the best judge of character… So many things make up a person and by judging them based on your first communication would be a disservice to both involved. Simply put you may be the right person for me and I or you will not know this unless we give each other a chance to find out. So lets chat, maybe meet, and give each other the opportunity to see if we are compatible.

I live in San Francisco, CA. I own and operate my own business which has been very successful thus far. I would classify myself as being an overachiever at times. Not that it is bad thing, it certainly has kept my life very interesting and humble to say the least. Without boasting, some examples of my life have been; right after high school I enlisted in the Marines, after that (which I can tell you more about in full detail later if you like) I chose to go to college using my GI Bill and had a great time while earning my Bachelors Degree from SFSU. My concentration was in Political Science. Directly after graduating I went to work for State Senator Quentin Kopp here locally and at the State Capital as a direct aid.This is just a sample of my crazy, exciting, life so far. And if you want to no more I can oblige. :-) I feel that I have the natural blessing of being driven for success, not in any form or definition (i.e. Money, Happiness, Love) there are plenty more variables which define success, but my honest opinion of success is if I am happy and others around me are happy then i have created some success and that is good enough for me.

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Страна: Соединённые Штаты Америки
Владение языками: Английский